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Our Services

From feasibility studies to economic and management planning, to construction and testing,
Engineering 2K is the ideal partner for the construction of large-scale logistic works.


Project Management

Planning: land parcelling programmes, feasibility studies, internal and external layouts; preliminary projects, planimetric and volumetric projects, executive and structural projects; mechanical and electrical planning; definition of technical specifications, work specifications, bills of quantities and works accounting; preparation of MacroGantt charts; BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Technical and administrative support: handling public administration; planning permission, Land Registries, Fire Service, Health Service and Environmental Protection Agency inspections; Works Supervisor, Safety Supervisor, Worksite Management, work-site accounting, general testing.


General Contractor

Operation management in accordance with a range of criteria: “Turnkey” and “open-book”; planning of works to be carried out with the preparation of GANTT reports; client/supervisor relations; supplier management and coordination; management and coordination of planners/consultants; preparation of progress reports with clients and suppliers; management and coordination of suppliers/contractors.


Facility Management


F&R is a company that was founded in 2021 and owned by Engineering 2K S.p.A., and is part of the FBH Group, which has been operating in the logistics sector for more than 50 years.

In light of the constantly increasing demand for “no-core” building services and the renovation of properties in order to preserve and realise their value over time, the focus of F&R is on Facility and Renovation works. F&R offers Global Services and serves as General Contractor, providing all the specific technical skills required for commercial real estate asset classes. Its services range from fitting out logistics constructions to the partial or full restructuring of shopping centres and offices, as well as of logistics and industrial buildings, to the technical management of post-construction facility management.

Renovation & Project Management

Planning and implementation of partial and full restructuring works, setting up of feasibility studies, internal and external layouts, mechanical and electrical planning, definition of technical specifications, work specifications, bills of quantities and works accounting, technical and administrative support, planning permission applications.


BIM Design

Our constant focus on innovation has just one purpose; to provide our clients with the best possible final product in the shortest time possible. This goal has led to the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling), a programme that, through the use of product-oriented models, provides a 3D view of the building to be constructed that allows the sharing of information and any necessary modifications between all the figures involved in the development process, including architects, surveyors and investors.


Our clients request BIM planning in order to create a multi-layered single file to allow all the specialists involved in the project to work together on the same digital material.

Engineering 2K selects suppliers that are able to integrate their projects into the BIM, an essential factor, as BIM is also required by local administration.

We believe that BIM is just the beginning, the first step in a new and efficient manner to render a project easy to modify and control throughout all the stages of planning and implementation.