Engineering 2K

Engineering 2K is a joint-stock company founded in 2000 which operates in Italy and Europe as a General Contractor for the construction of logistics buildings.
Part of the FBH group, active on the logistics market for more than 40 years, its aim is to fill the role of service provider with continuous research for innovative solutions, guaranteeing the Client the precise execution of works with a high level of quality thanks to the qualified professional figures operating within the company (engineers, architects, technicians).


The FBH group and its subsidiaries, Engineering 2K and Simpel S.r.l., aim to offer clients in the logistic and supply chain sector the best possible solutions for strategy and the optimisation of distribution flows and raw materials, providing clients with “Structural” opportunities in order to facilitate production and distribution, rendering it more efficient.


Our collaborators, both internal and external, are committed to the continuous research for innovative solutions for the high-quality design and creation of constructions and engineering works for the logistic sector.


Innovation - Professionalism - Efficiency

Corporate Presentation

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The Group FBH Group

The FBG Group has been active in the logistics market for over 40 years. It has been a leading figure in the evolution of this sector, setting and focusing on objectives of success for a constant increase in business.

For our group, placing ourselves at the service of the management supply chain has meant not only planning and managing intra-company logistic activity, but also offering our clients “structural” opportunities for the relatively rapid facilitating of efficient production and distribution, with a consequential reduction in costs and guarantees on a service level.

The subsidiary Simpel S.r.l., which designs and creates electical systems, is part of Engineering 2K.


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