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  • Punctuality and quality

    In just 8 months, we have built a logistics warehouse of 15,570 square meters for Jaguar Land Rover, with N ° 15 electrohydraulic platforms to facilitate logistics management, and NFPA sprinkler system.

  • Research and innovation

    Every construction is a source of pride, for the continuous innovation in construction techniques and materials, and for the perfection in execution

Engineering 2K

Engineering 2K is a leading General Contractor company in the logistic sector in Italy and Europe, backed up by the experience of more than 80 professionals between internal and external resources. With over 2.5 million square metres of covered space, Engineering 2K is the sole partner from design to construction, for turnkey solutions for unique buildings.

Latest Projects

  • CSG Close2You
    CSG Close2You     Castel San Giovanni Deposit 21.125,62 mq Offices 1.451,95 mq Working Height
 13.50 m Electro-hydraulic Platforms
 21 Sprinkler Plant Present Work Start
 February 2018 Work End
 June 2018
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  • Burago
    Burago     Burago Deposit 5.706,26 mq Offices 594,91 mq Working Height
 8,41 m Electro-hydraulic Platforms
 4 Sprinkler Plant Not present Work Start
 October 2017 Work End
 May 2018
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  • Bologna Logista
    Logista Bologna     Bologna Interport Block 13.2 Logista Deposit 40.682,00 mq Offices 1.069,00 mq Working Height
 12,00 m Electro-hydraulic Platforms
 N°38 Sprinkler Plant According to NFPA standard + FM Global Work Start
 August 2017 Work End
 March 2018
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Latest Video

One year of intense work, with the most diverse climatic conditions, has led us to inaugurate this year's incredible production for the most important supermarket chain in Italy specializing in the sale of organic and natural food products. Here is the new logistic shed of NaturaSì at this time lapse!
We took off our drone over the Interport of Bologna: the ones you see are all of our completed projects.
Final details of finishing for the inauguration tomorrow, here is a 360 ° panoramic view for you, take a trip!
We are creating our projects? This is a virtual 3D tour of a plant for delivery to a customer, enjoy!


8th of August 2018 06:19 PM
Un’altra settimana è passata, e le squadre al lavoro hanno fatto grandi passi avanti!
Sfoglia la gallery per un insight sui nostri cantieri.
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8th of August 2018 09:00 AM
Un’altra settimana è passata, e le squadre al lavoro hanno fatto grandi passi avanti!
Sfoglia la gallery per un insight su tutti i nostri cantieri.
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6th of August 2018 06:44 PM
Il team di Bologna non perde tempo: a volte, comunicare è più facile se si sfrutta una piattaforma a braccio :)
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